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Sold At: Local Gov’t Auction

“Everyone should buy a car this way. I had some fun and got a great deal.”

Client: Christi H. (Laredo, TX)

Vehicle: 2015 BMW 335i

Book Value: $40,163

Purchase Price: $16,000

Savings: $24,163


Sold At: Government Auction

“I went to three of the auctions you guys provided, and I bought this Chevy that I’m going to sell and make some extra $$$”

Client: Brandon C. (Modesto, CA)

Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Suburban

Book Value: $36,266

Purchase Price: $17,000

Savings: $19,266


Sold At: Seized Car Auction

“I couldn�t decide which car I wanted as there was so many but this Ford was a great deal. Thanks.”

Client: Sturgis B. (Pennsylvania)

Vehicle: 2013 Ford Focus

Book Value: $13,354

Purchase Price:$9,000



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